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Winstrol (Stanozolol) has been one of the most popular anabolic steroids in bodybuilding since it came to market in 1962.

In medicine, Winstrol was initially prescribed as an appetite stimulant and mass-building agent for patients suffering from malignant and non-malignant diseases, osteoporosis and trauma.

It was later given to the elderly to reduce debility and to those suffering from dwarfism, due to its stimulatory effect on the pituitary gland.

However, during the 1970s, Winstrol’s side effects became better known, with it consequently being prescribed for fewer diseases/illnesses.

Winstrol is now classed as a controlled substance and thus is illegal to use for bodybuilding purposes.

However, it remains an FDA-approved medicine for the treatment of hereditary angioedema, due to its ability to increase C1 esterase inhibitor (C1INH) and C4 proteins. Patients however are placed on the lowest possible effective dose; indicative of Winstrol’s toxic nature.

Winstrol Benefits

  • Muscle Gain

Although Winstrol is predominantly used as a cutting agent, its anabolic effects and ability to add lean mass should not be underestimated.

Users at our clinic have reported building 10-15lbs of muscle when first cycling Winstrol, even if they’re in a calorie deficit.

This potent form of exogenous testosterone helps users defy the bulking/cutting cycle strategy; by building muscle and burning fat at the same time.

Thus, some users may not use Winstrol for cutting, but for a moderate lean bulking cycle. Therefore, if someone does not want to add excessive amounts of hypertrophy — Winstrol may be utilized instead of bulking steroids, like Dianabol, Anadrol or Testosterone.

  • Fat Loss

The main benefit of Winstrol is subcutaneous fat loss, hence how it is a popular cutting steroid. Winstrol also causes water loss (as it doesn’t aromatize), thus having a drying out/diuretic effect.

Fat loss and reductions in extracellular fluid both will promote a more vascular and defined physique.

How much fat a user loses will depend on their diet, training and dosage. However, in our experience, someone regularly eating in a 500 calorie deficit and taking a moderate dosage of Winstrol (20mg/day) can expect to burn approximately 5-6% body fat from an 8-week cycle.

  • No Water Retention

Many anabolic steroids are estrogenic and are referred to as ‘wet’ compounds, due to the amount of water retention and bloating they cause. One unique benefit of Winstrol is that it has the opposite effect; producing a bigger, yet leaner and more aesthetic physique.

Many bodybuilders want to hide their torsos with t-shirts and jumpers when taking estrogenic bulking compounds, because of excessive water retention. However, Winstrol has a ‘Photoshop’ effect, making users appear more ripped and vascular.

  • Enhances Endurance

Based on our lab results, Winstrol is one of the best steroids for muscular endurance, due to the stimulation of new red blood cells (erythrocytosis).

Erythrocytosis will occur with all anabolic steroids, but most will also cause dramatic weight gain and water retention.

Winstrol thus enables athletes to remain light and powerful, due to simultaneous muscle-building, fat loss and water loss.

  • Increases Strength

Winstrol significantly increases strength, due to greater levels of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention inside the muscle cells.

With Winstrol depleting intracellular water levels, we find it isn’t the most potent of AAS at enhancing strength. This is due to decreased levels of adenosine triphosphate production inside the muscle cells — a protein molecule crucial for energy.

Bodybuilders under our care, who are relatively new to anabolic steroids, have reported adding 15-20lbs on their big compound lifts on Winstrol. This is a dramatic increase, considering most bodybuilders will be in a calorie deficit when taking this steroid; and thus are aiming to simply maintain their strength.

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